60% of people suffer from skin infections of the feet, and/or toenails. These can also affect other parts of the body. Fungi and bacteria cling to materials causing odour. FungiSolve stops reinfection in Athlete’s foot and other skin infections of the foot. Use Fungisolve for:
  • Treatment of running shoes, other shoes, socks, floor mats to prevent recontamination of infections.
  • Odour causing Bacteria on Sports apparel is decontaminated with this product eliminating odour
  • Floors and communal surfaces and showers are decontaminated with this product.
  • Candida infections: underwear, leotards, cycling shorts, bikinis.
Other bacteria and fungi: Use this product on towels, floor mats, sheets and pillowcases to decontaminate fabric in cold water:
  • FungiSolve disinfects and decontaminates, kills bacteria and fungi, and unpleasant odours these cause.
  • Proved effective by the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS).
  • Better than prolonged hot washing – won’t damage expensive sports clothes, running shoes or affect dye colours. Tested by scientists.
  • Economical: Works in cold water. Concentrate is diluted 10ml to a litre. Can be used in washing machines.